Periscope Followers: Cross Marketing to Get More

Every social media site has something different that they can offer their consumer base. Twitter provides different content, for example, than a site like Facebook or Periscope. This allows consumers to access an amazing array of services across many different networks. It allows them to connect with individuals on the platforms that they want. It also allows those who are interested in gaining more followers on one site the opportunity to do so by connecting with individuals on another through cross-marketing and other opportunities.

For instance, those who have Periscope followers can connect with their users by encouraging them to head to their Facebook page. That means that those who have one account are encouraged to visit another. A great way to incorporate Periscope followers is to show them that there is an incentive to visit that other page and follow it. Contests are a great way to drive the content and make it easier for those in one sector to connect with a page in another. It creates a strong fan base and incorporates a multitude of different content by highlighting the different ways that a page can lead individuals to other resources that they might enjoy and need.